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Each of our delicious dishes is lovingly crafted by a team of experts here in the UK. Our consumers are a demanding bunch so we don’t stop until the plate is clean!

Our careful attention to the blend of ingredients, herbs and spices allow us to season dishes to perfection, pushing the boundaries just a little bit further. You should congratulate yourself for your baby’s amazing food repertoire!

For Aisha is proud to share more details on some of our best-selling recipes here – just click below to see how we create your favourite flavours.

Meet Priya

Priya Tew is an award-winning dietitian and nutrition professional with a degree in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters in Diabetics. She is registered with the Health Professions Council and the British Diatetic Association.

With wide ranging experience both within the NHS and as a freelance dietitian Priya offers an inventive and fresh approach to nutrition. Her specialisms include; pregnancy, weaning and food intolerances.

Priya has conducted the recipe analysis for a range of BBC food magazines as well as for a number of TV shows. Her on screen appearances include BBC News, Sky News, Food Truth or Scare and Good Enough to Eat. She is currently working with Eat Well for Less.


“The For Aisha range is a fabulous introduction for parents who want to explore new flavours with their little ones. It is great to have a baby food on the market that uses spices, adding flavour and variety to meals.”

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Our mouth-watering range consists of a variety of exciting meals and snacks packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals important for infant growth and development.

We’re proud of all of our ingredients and their combination is our signature. If you’d like to learn more about them, have a look at the map below.

Explore our Interactive map and see where some of our recipe inspiration comes from!

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Oaty Bars

Combining tasty and exotic flavours with a soft oaty texture, these delicious gluten and nut-free bars are a perfect snack for tiny tummies! Suitable for children from 12+ months, our range of oaty bar range is Vegan, made with 100% Natural Ingredients, nutritionist approved and certified Halal. Each bar is made in a dome shape for little hands to grab, encouraging self-feeding and coordination development.

Broccoli & Apple Oaty Bar (5x25g)

Blueberry & Lime Oaty Bar (5x25g)
Banana & Coconut Oaty Bar (5x25g)


Our baby food pouches are specially made for tiny tummies. Nutritionist approved, made with 100% Natural Ingredients Dairy & Gluten free and Halal, these delicious meals are perfect for baby weaning. Paediatric Dietitians recommend the introduction of small amounts of meat to little ones’ diets from around the ages of 6 to 7 months. We have created a range of exotic baby recipes containing a wide variety of ingredients, to give your child the optimum nutrition in every little mouthful.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pouch (130g)
Moroccan Chicken Tagine Pouch (130g)
Roast Lamb Dinner with Vegetables Pouch (130g)
Salmon & Sweet Potato Mash Pouch (130g)

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry Pouch (130g)

10 Months+ Trays

As chewing development is important during the weaning process, these toddler tray meals have been created with a chunky texture – whilst still being suitable for new teeth and delicate palates. These meals are larger and more filling for your growing little one, as they embark on the journey of baby led weaning and begin to feed themselves.

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry Tray (190g)
Green Bean & Lamb Curry Tray (190g)

12 Months+ Trays

The weaning journey continues! These are our chunkiest toddler tray meals recommended from around 1 year of age. Perfect for weaning your growing taste adventurers onto adult meals.

Fish & Coconut Curry Tray (230g)
Chermoula Chicken Tray (230g)
Chicken Guisada Tray (230g)