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Welcome to for aisha, the home of delicious halal baby food. Loved by parents and over 5 million tiny tummies. We create healthy dishes full of exciting flavours and grown up tastes for your little one.

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Enjoy 30% off our Fish & Coconut Curry Tray Meals

Enjoy 30% off our Fish & Coconut Curry Tray Meals

Embark on a taste adventure and explore our delicious range, starting with 30% off our mouth-watering Fish & Coconut Curry Tray Meal suitable for 1-3 years!

This tasty recipe is sure to set taste buds tingling and minds exploring, combining creamy coconut and nutrient- packed carrots with zesty lemon and fish in this yummy dish.


Why not start your little ones taste adventure today?

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Grown up tastes for little ones

For Aisha baby food is made using 100% natural ingredients. All our meals are halal and made without dairy ingredients, with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Our recipes include a wide variety of exotic ingredients, broadening the palates of little ones so they will make healthier food choices later in life.

We carefully blend vegetables, fruit and high-quality meat with gentle spices, to create nutritious dishes filled with tasty goodness for your aspiring little foodie.

Our award winning range of baby food is perfect for all ages – from pouches for ages 7 months + to tasty toddler meals perfect for the ages of 12 months +. We include wholesome ingredients such as sweet potato and green beans, fantastic baby weaning foods that will aid with chewing and speech development.

Our baby food recipes are all made in the UK, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re serving up the very best locally sourced meals.

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