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Our food is created to be all inclusive. We offer products that cater to a range of different dietary needs, such as:

  • halal
    Halal Certified
  • Made Without Dairy
    Made without Dairy Ingredients
  • Exotic Recipes
  • Natural ingredients icon
    100% Natural Ingredients



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Good for baby

We use a wide variety of exotic ingredients that offer health and weaning benefits for babies. Our recipes are endorsed by a registered dietitian and we source ingredients of the highest quality, so we can guarantee that your little one is getting the best start possible in life.

Building healthy eating habits

We aim to reduce reliance on sugar by instead using great tasting ingredients and by blending baby friendly herbs and spices, negating the need for sweet foods during the weaning process. Our meals are all Sugarwise approved.

Honest about our ingredients

We source our ingredients ethically and our supply chain is fully traceable. Animal welfare standards are extremely important to us and we conform to UK Government Infant Weaning Guidelines.

Support others

We support FareShare, ‘Fighting Hunger and Food waste.’ Like FareShare, we believe that no good food should go to waste. We have to date, donated over 25,000 meals, helping to fight hunger in the UK


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Our products are stocked in many of the top UK supermarkets.