Chermoula Chicken

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Type: 200g Tray Meal

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All our for aisha recipes are free from preservatives, artificial additives or flavourings. They also contain only naturally occurring sugars.


Water, Carrot 16%, Buternut Squash 13%, Sweet Potato 13%, Halal Chicken 10%, Tomato Puree 10%, Onion 8%, Red Lentils 6%, Raisin (Raisin, Sunflower Oil) 2.5%, Parsley, Garlic 0.3%, Cumin, Dates, Coriander 0.2%, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Paprika, Turmeric, Black Pepper

*Ingredient list may vary, if you have any questions related to particular ingredients or allergens, please contact [email protected]