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Sugarwise Certification


 ‘For Aisha’ are extremely excited to have received our ‘Sugarwise’ certification!

Sugarwise is the International authority for Sugar claims, with more than 500 products certified and shipped in over 70 countries across Europe, Australia, China, and the Middle East. The certification confirms that the sugar claims made on packaging have been verified, and the product itself is low in free sugars.

Sugarwise aims to increase the availability of lower sugar products worldwide and promote the idea of healthy eating. The label enables manufacturers, retailers and food service to appeal to the growing number of sugar and calorie-conscious consumers. 

At for aisha our values regarding healthy eating and low sugar intake are also key, and our low salt and sugar products aim to promote a healthier diet in little ones as they grow into adulthood.

To read more about the Sugarwise Certification visit sugarwise.org/ and to search some of ‘for aisha’s’ low sugar products visit our website at www.foraisha.com.