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Half-term holidays!


With half term right around the corner, we’ve been wondering how on earth we’re going to keep the little ones entertained for two weeks!

The team at For Aisha have come up with a few ideas to keep the whole family entertained during the upcoming holidays.

Pack a Picnic:

Weather permitting, this is a great way to get the whole family outdoors and into nature. Why not head down to your local park, lay a blanket on the grass and enjoy some quality time with your little ones!

People in park having picnic

Make Musical Instruments:

This one is super easy (as long as you don’t have a headache!) It’s also a great indoor activity for those rainy days. Get some pots, pans, and wooden spoons and create your own little indoor orchestra.

Baby playing drums

Funny Food Faces:

Not only is this enjoyable, but it also encourages your little ones to eat their vegetables. Chop up some soft, easy to eat vegetables (peppers, broccoli, cucumber, etc) and on plates, get your little ones to create some funny food faces!

Pancake with smiling face made from fruit

Have a Tea Party:

This fun activity can be done in the great outdoors or on a blanket in the living room- it’s completely up to you. Fill a teapot with juice or milk, set up some teacups and biscuits and have a tea party. It’s a great way to spend time together and makes your little one feel like a grown up too!

Woman pouring iced tea

Create a Treasure Hunt:

This one speaks for itself; Hide small treats around the house/garden and let your little one begin hunting! Get ready for excitement and chaos!

Children holding hands playing in grass

These are just a few examples of some exciting activities you can do with your little ones this holiday. It’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the whole family, and from the whole team at For Aisha we’d like to say- HAVE FUN!

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