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First Finger Foods

First Finger Foods

Topless baby smiling while eating

Starting your baby on finger foods can feel a little scary, but it can also be so much fun! Finger foods give your little one a chance to take some control over their own eating. They can feed themselves, choose which foods they want to have from the assortment you provide and it’s the ideal opportunity for messy play too! I always tried to see weaning as ‘messy play’- babies can learn so much from touching, dropping, squishing and then eating a little too.

At what age can my baby eat finger foods?

Your little one can start on finger foods from 6 months. This is the normal time to start weaning which means you can start offering finger foods straight away. However these need to be soft, squidgeable and about the size of an adult finger.

Gagging is normal- don’t panic!

When you start on finger foods it’s normal to worry if your little one will manage them safely. It can be common for babies to gag on food, and this process is designed to bring the food further forward in the baby’s mouth so they can chew it more thoroughly. This is different to choking. In gagging, the food will come straight back up as your baby’s gag reflex is actually farther forward in their mouth until around 1 year of age. This gag reflex is a great natural safety net so there is less chance of large pieces of food being swallowed. It is important to offer foods that are a soft enough texture and cut up so they are not a choking hazard. Proper choking is very rare, however it is very important to learn what to do in case it does happen; consider a baby first aid course and always seek help if you have any concerns.

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Check out the British Red Cross website for baby and child first aid classes- one of many vital courses!

Which finger foods should I provide?

You should provide your little one with food that is easy to bite, fairly soft (you want to be able to squidge between your thumb and finger) but also easy to grasp. Often softer foods can be slippery leading to them shooting out of your little ones hands- a fun game but frustrating too! You can roll slippery food in seeds to give them grip or try leaving the skin on foods such as avocado and mango. The food you provide should be roughly the shape and size of an adult finger. As your little one progresses you can offer firmer food, but make sure you finely cut up foods such as cherry tomatoes and grapes and remove the skin from foods such as sausages.

Can my baby have just finger foods?

Sometimes finger foods are just more convenient, and that’s absolutely fine. You may prefer a baby led weaning approach, or your little one might insist on feeding themselves. Either way,  just keep offering them a range of nutritious foods and balanced meals.

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Nutritious Finger Foods:


  • Cooked broccoli and cauliflower cut into mini trees. (This makes it easy to grasp).
  • Cooked strips of pepper, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato and other veggies.
  • Cucumber. (with the skin off initially).
  • Cooked asparagus, baby corn and green beans. (These are nice and long, making them easier to pick up).
Selection of chopped up vegetables


  • Kiwi. (Either with the skin on or rolled in seeds for that grip)
  • Orange slices. (With the skin on. Make sure to remove the white pithy layer on top).
  • Strawberries. (These are at the perfect size to munch on!)
  • Avocado. (Keep the skin on to help with grip).
Bowl of strawberries


  • Cooked pasta. (Why not try different shapes?)
  • Breadsticks and mini rice cakes. 
  • Bread. (Sliced into fingers).
  • Rice and couscous. (These are messy but a really good learning experience for developing the pincer grip).
  • Make your own pancakes or savoury muffins with veggies inside!
Three various types of pasta


  • Cooked soft chicken breast.
  • Cooked fish. (Make your own fish fingers).
  • Fingers of cheese.
  • Boiled eggs in slices.
  • Tofu fingers. (Rolled in seeds for grip).
  • Soft falafels.
  • (Hummus is a yummy accompaniment as a dip!)
Dip with selection of vegetables

Finger foods can be the perfect way to help your little one start to eat independently- and it’s good fun for them too! You can add finger foods to a mixture of home cooked or pre-prepared meals, including the For Aisha range.

-Written by For Aisha nutritionist Priya Tew.

For Aisha halal meal collection

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