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Tray Meal Starter Bundle – 10m+ to 12m+

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3 x 190g Tray Meals, 10 Months+

2 x 230g Tray Meals, 12 Months+

Try our Tray Bundle today and continue your weaning taste adventure!

Made up of our 5 delicious tray meals, this bundle is a perfect way to explore the entire 10 month+ to 12month+ range and find your favourite flavours.

Explore, Embrace, Taste.

This bundle includes:

  • 2x Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry Tray Meal (10months+ 190g)
  • 1x Green Bean and Lamb Curry Tray Meal (10months+ 190g)
  • 1x Cambodian Fish and Coconut Curry Tray Meal (12months+ 230g)
  • 1x Chicken Guisada Tray Meal (12months+ 230g)


At the heart of For Aisha is a desire to search out, explore tastes, flavours & experiences, and embrace places, people & cultures.

We are made with 100% natural ingredients. Our range is also halal certified, dairy free, gluten free, Sugarwise approved and nutritionist approved.



  • Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry Tray Meal (10months+): Sweet Potato 31%, water, tomato puree 17%, halal chicken 10%, onion 8%, carrot 5%, red lentils 4.5%, raisins (raisin, sunflower oil) 3%, coriander 0.17%, curry powder 0.1%, turmeric, cinnamon.


  • Green Bean and Lamb Curry Tray Meal (10months+): Water, Green Bean 20%, Tomato Puree 17%, Carrot 14%, Halal Lamb 8%, Onions 7%, Red Lentils 5%, Potato, Brocolli, Garlic 0.15%, coriander 0.15%, cumin, paprika, ginger, turmeric, black pepper


  • Cambodian Fish and Coconut Curry Tray Meal (12months+):Water, Carrot 20%, Potato 16%, Cod (FISH) 9%, Onion 8%, Rice 3%, Coconut Cream 2.5%, Red Lentils 2%, Corn Starch, Garlic 0.3%, Coriander 0.2%, Cumin, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Parsely, Curry Powder, Ginger, Turmeric, Mint 0.03%, Black Pepper. Allergens in BOLD


  • Chicken Guisada Tray Meal (12months+): Water, Sweet Potato 14%, Tomato Puree 14%, Red Pepper 12%, Halal Chicken 10%, Sweetcorn 9%, Onion 8%, Green Pepper 7%, Rice 5%, Garlic 0.3%, Paprika, Coriander 0.22%, Cumin, ginger, Oregano, Black Pepper

*Please refer to back of pack for full ingredient and allergen information, if you have any questions related to particular ingredients or allergens, please contact [email protected]

This product is
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Dairy Free
Gluten Free
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