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New Year, New Us!


We are extremely excited to announce the release of our brand new Vegan range, suitable for little ones of 4+ months.

 The new product range is certified as Organic in Britain by the OF&G and is completely vegan. Due to the fact that they contain fewer saturated fats, vegan diets have been shown to reduce heart disease risk and what’s more, data shows conclusively that vegans and vegetarians suffer from fewer diseases caused by a modern Western diet such as Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Like our previous products, the new range is also dairy free and halal certified.

The new flavours include ‘Banana, Coconut and Brown Rice’ and ‘Strawberry, Mango and Banana’. Similarly to other For Aisha products, this range contains a small amount of gentle spices that are promote healthy patterns in later life. These exotic and tasty ingredients include: cinnamon, vanilla, mint and coconut.

Buy them here:groceries.asda.com/search/for%20aisha