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Heart Research UK


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with national charity Heart Research UK and their ‘Helping Little Hearts’ projects.  Heart Research UK fund a number of projects aiming to improve the health and lifestyle of little ones as they grow into adulthood. 

In the UK at least 1 in 180 babies is born with congenital heart disease – a range of birth defects that affect the normal workings of the heart. Heart Research UK funds pioneering medical research projects to help babies with congenital heart disease such as the development of the 5-minute MRI scan to improve their diagnosis and treatment. 

We know that physical activity is important to any child’s development, and Heart Research UK have developed ‘Congenital Heart Disease Physical Activity Toolkits’ for children with the condition. The Toolkits help little ones with congenital heart disease understand about their hearts and explain why it’s even more important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and do regular physical activity if you have a heart condition. Created by a team of medical professionals and funded by Heart Research UK, these Toolkits also serve as a personalised exercise prescription for the child, suggesting activities that are suitable to their particular heart condition, helping them to grow fitter and stronger. The Toolkits are currently being used in 95% of paediatric services across the UK.  

It’s an obvious choice for us to support this wonderful charity. Together we can increase the survival rate of little ones born with heart defects, and help to introduce children to a healthy lifestyle full of exercise, nutrients and the vitamins they need to grow and develop.