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Halal Statement

At For Aisha we serve (and have always served) only certified Halal products. We work with the best quality suppliers who specialise in products suitable for high-care baby food. All of our meat, fish and poultry is UK sourced from leading British farms – never from farmers markets or unknown sources.

Animal welfare is of paramount importance and we choose our long-term suppliers very carefully. Our factories hold IFA Higher Level and BRC Grade AA+ certification for health and hygiene.

As we now serve different International markets with different certification needs; our food has to be made in different locations. Many halal certifiers can audit only in their local countries, so we currently have to work with more than one halal certifier. Our meals that are made in France are currently sold in the UK market. Our French manufacturer works with Controle de la Mosque d’Evry Courcouronnes as the halal certifier of our products.

Our meals that are made in the UK are sold in all other international territories, including the Middle East and across Europe. These meals are all certified by the Halal Monitoring Committee HMC. They are ESMA approved for the UAE and also GCC approved. Over the next year, we aim for all of our meals to be made in the UK and then they can all be HMC certified! We do also work with a manufacturer in Spain. That’s for our fruit pouches only. These meals are therefore certified by the Spanish Garantia Junta Islamica Halal body.

Regardless of the origination of our meals and whichever local Halal body certifies them, we guarantee that only Halal meat and poultry is used in our food. Also that the very highest of food safety standards, like BRC Grade AA+, (as you would expect with baby food products) are adhered to. We’ve served many millions of meals and you can rest assured that our meals are all guaranteed Halal. Please kindly send any further questions to us at: parents@foraisha.com